Stinkpot & Rags
Bruce Myers & Crew

"Good Music for Boaters & Landlubbers Alike"

Boat Music by Bruce Myers Boat Music by Bruce Myers Boat Music by Bruce Myers
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Bruce spent much of his youth either on boats or on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay.
His relatives had homes on Kent Island and Stoney Creek and, as it says in the song,
"Younger Days," "weekends were at the Eastern shore, family and boat rides, couldn't ask for more."

Although he spent a number of years traveling around the country writing songs and playing in any bar or coffee house that would have him, when the time came to settle down he returned to the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. Out of the over 150 copyrighted songs that Bruce has written, it was only natural that a number of them would be influenced by his love of boating and being out on the water. Knowing that there are many others who share the same feelings, he decided to record a CD.

There were many hurdles to overcome but eventually the recording entitled, "Stinkpot & Rags," was completed. Although Bruce now spends much of his time promoting his recording, he still sails the Chesapeake, finding inspiration for new songs in every cove and creek that he explores.

Recorded at Order Productions
Produced by Jeff Order & Bruce Myers
All Songs Written by Bruce Myers

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