Tie up your watercraft with a Sandspike!
Sandspike is very Simple to use!

This innovative anchoring system works great when you want to keep your watercraft secured but don't have anything to tie to. The Sandspike can keep your watercraft on the beach or off the beach depending on which you prefer.

To keep it on the beach
Simply find your spot on the beach and insert the Sandspike into the ground with it angled away from your watercraft.  Then tie or clip your watercraft to it and that's it!

Have a big boat and worried it won't hold?
One spike will usually do the trick but if you feel you need more holding power then double Spike it! The double harness is available in all eight colors and are located with the beach anchor lines.
Already have the beach anchor line? Then just add the harness.

Don't have a clip on your rope?
No problem just make sure you have a loop tied at the end of the rope and insert it in the hole on top from the bottom and wrap it around the top!

Using a clip.        Using a Loop.

To keep your watercraft off the beach

Anchor your watercraft just offshore with your normal anchor. (Anchor Buddys work great) and then run a rope from the front of your watercraft to a spot on the beach and insertthe Sandspike into the ground with it angled away from your watercraft tie or clip to it and that's it! If you experience any resistance while inserting the Sandspike, simply wiggle the Sandspike from side to side while applying downward pressure and it will go in.

Why would I want a Complete Kit?

Sometimes you find that the water is to shallow for your watercraft and/or your rope is too short, no problem just go out into the water a few feet and insert the Sandspike into the beach.  The float marks the location of your Sandspike and if you should leave for a quick run, the float will mark your spot on the beach letting everyone know "This spot is already taken" The custom mesh bag holds your Sandspike, rustproof chain and float all  in one nice package and there is even  plenty of room for your rope!

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