PELA 650 Oil Extractor Descriptions


PELA 650 Oil Extractor

Requires just 4 to 15 strokes in a row to create a powerful vacuum. The integrated container (6.5 liters) neatly captures the oil preventing messy spills. Since it is see-through and calibrated, it lets the user know how much oil has been extracted. A built-in float switch automatically stops extraction as soon as capacity is reached. A pour spout facilitates emptying. With the pump housed inside the container, the PELA 650 is a durable, maintenance free unit. It's ideal for professional use.

Capacity: 6.5 liters (1.7 gal)
Height: 25"
Cylindrical Diameter: 6.25"
Tubes:  3/16"  &  1/4"  OD, Length 47"
Extension Tube: Length 39"
T ube is made of nylon

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