Oil Change Pump for Boats , Cars & other engines
PELA Oil Extractor

The Pela oil change pump /extractor creates a powerful vacuum to change the oil in cars, boats, tractors, and other engines.
Watch the oil drain neatly into the container via a tube inserted down the dipstick pipe.
Ideal for inboards, 4-stroke outboards, gensets, lawn mowers, bilge water & PWCs too..

How to Change Your Oil the Easy Way

How to Change the Oil using Pela Oil Extractors

Pela 650 Instructions below or click for Pela 6000 Instructions
1) Using the Pela 650: Pre-run engine for about 5 minutes to warm the oil and to allow the sludge to mix and suspend in the oil. Remove the dipstick.

How to change your oil with a Pela Oil Extractor step 1

2) Select and insert the appropriate diameter extraction tube into the dipstick pipe until it touches the bottom of the oil pan. Connect the main tube to the top of the unit and to the extraction tube.

how to change your oil with a Pela Oil Extractor step 2

3) Pump the handle 4 to 15 times in a row to start the vacuum. The unit will extract the oil automatically. Continuous pumping is not required.

4) After all the oil has been extracted, press the release valve located at the top of the unit for 5 seconds. Remove the main tube. When pouring the oil into a container, hold the pump as in the photo and pour gently. Take the used oil to a recycling depot. how to change your oil with a Pela Oil Extractor step 4

Choose the right Oil Extractor for your needs

Pela 650
More info
Pela 6000
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Great for all these applications:

  • Outdoor Power Equipment: Lawnmowers, Generators, Pumps, etc
  • Boats: Inboards, 4-Stroke Outboards, Gensets, trapped bilge water
  • Powersports Vehicles: Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, ATV's, Karts, PWCs
  • Cars, 4 x 4's, Transmissions, Differentials, Coolant, etc Note : Will not work if the dipstick pipe has a sharp bend. This will prevent the extractor tube from reaching the oil pan. 
  • Trapped Water from Plumbing, Fish Tanks, bilges

Please note, the Pela Oil Extractor is not compatible with some cars. If the dipstick has a sharp bend or an internal taper, the extractor tube will not be able to reach the oil pan. Also, if the dipstick is like a steel cable (rather than a flat metal), it probably won't work. The best way to check is to make sure the dipstick goes in and out easily. 

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