What OFFboard Shields fit on my boat? 

This depends not on the size of your boat but on what size line you use for mooring. The larger the mooring line, the larger potential pest can gain access to your boat. OFFBOARD® Shields now come in three sizes. For mooring lines less than a 1/2 inch, use the 10-in shields . For larger sizes, use the 15 or 17-nch shields with the appropriate inserts.

What do you mean “Insert”?
The 15-inch shield is built so that it can be used on a one inch diameter mooring line. For lines less than one inch in diameter, an insert is used to reduce the center hole so that smaller mooring lines can be used. Four inserts (1/2, 5/8, 3/4, or 7/8 inch) are provided free when the 15 Inch shield is purchased. You select the one that fits your mooring line.

I have a motor yacht that uses a mooring line greater than one inch diameter, can I use the OFFboard Shields?
Yes, our 17 Inch Shield will support mooring lines up to 2 ½ inches in diameter. Inserts will allow mooring lines of 1½ through 2 inches in diameter to be used.

How many do I need?
Good question. It depends on your mooring requirements and the type or size of your boat. For houseboats, it depends on the size of the houseboat, but typically four mooring lines are needed for security. For cruisers, two mooring lines could secure the boat when beaching the boat. When in a slip two pair may be needed depending on the configuration of the slip and number of mooring lines used.

How do I attach the Shield to the mooring line?
Each OFFboard Shield has a patented door that opens so that it can be attached to the mooring line. Once the line is inserted, the spring hinge door is closed and the shield is secured to the line. The patented spring hinge holds the door closed and clamps the shield on the line.  Review the instructional video for additional information.

How do I detach the Shield from the line?
Simply open the spring hinge door and remove the mooring line. Of course, if the optional lock is installed, you have to unlock the lock before the Shield can be removed. Review the  finstructional video for additional information.

What’s the best way to store the Shields when not in use?
The Shields can be stored in the anchor locker with the mooring lines. We recommend using the custom designed   tote bag with its divided center for neat and tidy storage on your vessel. The tote bags are available for the 10-inch shield , the 15 in set and the 17 in set have a mesh bottom which allows for drainage when the shields are stored while still wet. They are available in three marine colors.

How do I change the size of the mooring line hole on the 15 inch Shield?
First select the insert desired. Make sure the door and the insert is clean and free from dirt or the insert won’t properly fit into the door. Assuming that the door does not have an insert already installed, simply hold the door open and place the insert into the two dove tails at the bottom of the door and press into place. The insert has to go all the way in or the door will not close. Some pressure is expected. Review the instructional video for additional information.

What if the insert I selected is too loose?
Mooring lines vary in size as they age. If you have selected an insert (for example a 3/4 inch insert) and it is too loose, replace it with a 5/8 insert. The door with the new insert will be a tight fit and you may find that you might have to gently assist the door in completely closing.

What if the insert I selected is too tight?
Mooring lines vary in size even if they are new. If you have selected an insert (for example a 3/4 inch insert) and it is too tight, replace it with a 7/8 insert. The door with the new insert will be a looser fit. Whatever size you choose, you should allow the door to completely close and have afit snug on the line. The shield should not be able to spin or slide along the line.

I lost the insert package. Where can I get a replacement?
Email us for a replacement kit.

I lost one insert out of the package. Where can I get a replacement?
Email us for a replacement kit. We do not keep individual sizes.

My mooring line is 7/16 diameter, will it work with the 10 inch shield?
If the line is braided it will fit.

What are the reasons why I should use these products?
The shields are another means of protection against vermin gaining access to your boat. See our White Paper – “Are you being Watched”. Vermin residing around water are very aware of the smells of food that a moored boat brings into their environment. Your extended mooring line looks like a gang plank to your boat. The OFFBOARD™ shield is an obstacle to their access success. The shield is made of long lasting plastic with stainless steel components and will probably outlast the life of your boat. Therefore, the purchase is a wise investment.

What happens if I loose my keys to the lock?
We do not keep any master keys. So if you have lost all of them, you should contact a lock smith. Each lock comes with two keys. Each pair of locks sold by us is matched with two pair of keys. So that’s a total of four identical keys. That is, the locks/keys we sent you are interchangeable. If you have lost one pair, you can use the other while you get duplicates. It is strongly suggested that one key be attached to the ignition key chain.

How do I clean the OFFBOARD™ Shields? 
Use warm water and a mild soap solution.

Can I resell the Shields to others?
The warranty is extended only to the original owners who purchase the product through Foothills Products or their authorized dealers.


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