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1.    Use 1-2” strips of masking tape to position lettering in proper position. Measure  from the baseline of flat bottomed letters like the R and T.   2.  Fold lettering up and back on tape   hinge and squeegee back. Carefully peel off and save backing
3.    After backing is removed, allow lettering  to drape down. Hold the corners lightly out and down as it drapes. Using firm pressure squeegee from top center down and then outwards from one edge, then the other.   4.   Remove pre-mask at 180 degrees  (pull it back on itself).  Squeegee entire surface putting backing, slippery side up over the lettering.
Applying your vinyl graphics is simple if you follow some basic guidelines. The registration numbers come in one piece and are sandwiched between a paper layer of transfer tape and a wax layer of backing. Flatten it out in a warm room where pets and children can't find it. The transfer tape is a low tack sheet that will lift your graphic in one piece. The transfer tape is no match for the vinyl's pressure sensitive adhesive which will bond to the surface of the boat very tightly. You will need the following items: Mildly soapy water in a spray bottle or mister. Just enough dish detergent to break the surface tension and suds up a little---three or four drops per quart. The squeegee enclosed in your package. A roll of masking tape An Exacto blade A tape measure Vinyl should never be applied in temperatures less than 40 degrees F or 4 degrees C. The lettering surface should be free of dirt and wax for best results. Done properly, this job will last for over seven years.