Custom Gunwale Mats

Boarding Mats Customized with your boat name!
The perfect gift to give or get!

Boarding Mats (also known as Gunwale Mats) protect gunnels from scratches and dirt deposits.
Soft weights on each end and non-skid backing keeps the mat in place, eliminating the need for drilling into your hull.
Keeps your boat clean, stores easily and looks great on the vessel. Made from durable marine carpet.

                  • Gunwale Mats covers protect the sideboard while cleaning the shoes of those who are boarding.
                  • Mold and mildew resistant
                  • Highly UV protected
                  • Offers protection from dirt and scratches while making a great impression
                  • Weighted ends help keep it in place
                  • Non-skid backing
                  • Available in three colors - Navy - Black-Tan
                  • Your choice of thread color, logo and fonts.
                  • Orders ship within 5 business days
boarding mats  
fonts for embroidered boat mats  
anchor logo for embroidered boat mat     anchor logo for embroidered boat mat      compass rose embroidery for boarding mat  marlin embroidery for boarding mat  martini embroidery for boarding mat  palm embroidery for boarding mat  power boat logo for embroidered boat mat  sailboat embroidery for boarding mat  

Standard Size ( 18 x 38) $ 60
Large Size (30 x 38) $ 80

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