Uniquely designed  bags that tie to or hang from the transom of
small fishing boats, mid-size trawlers, or luxury size sportfishing boats.

Gamebags (kill bags) allow water to flush over your fish from the time they leave the hook or gaff until they are ready for cleaning. 

  • keep your boat cleaner
  • keep your fish fresher
  • ties to transom for easy access
  • rolls-up for easy, compact storage
  • unique flow-through design allows seawater to continuously flow through bag while boat is underway
  • quality craftsmanship
  • custom sizes, shapes and colors

From the novice angler to the experienced "salty dog", the opinion is unanimous: "There is no fish like fresh fish" and with the "flow through design" of our bags, water is able to continuously flow through the bag which helps keep the fish fresh and clean throughout your fishing experience.  Not to mention NO BLOOD IN THE BOAT!

All bags made with high-quality rubberized vinyl, PVC support dowels, end caps and nylon rope.



Small Gamebag
16 inch to 22 inch wide.

Price: $149


Medium Gamebag
24 inch to 28 inch wide.

Price: $179

Large Gamebag
30 inch to 40 inch wide.

Price: $250


Custom designed Gamebag
Custom designed to meet your specifications.
Specify material color (white, navy, grey) width, length and depth to correspond to your boat/transom size.

Price: $350 and up

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