Why Use Outboard Motor Flushing Bags   

Every Outboard Motor and Sterndrive Manufacturer  
Recommends Fresh Water Flushing After Every Use in Saltwater

There are two primary styles of flushing devices on the market today; the clamp-on device and the flushing bag. The use of inexpensive clamp-on devices for freshwater flushing allows a considerable amount of water to be wasted by leakage at the point of injection. Up to 50% of the fresh water may not enter the engine's cooling system, rather, it is sprayed outward from the suction cup-like attachment. It is, impossible to ascertain if a sufficient amount of water is being introduced into the engine's cooling system. It may well be that flushing in this manner is not fully efficient. It is also quite possible that this type of device may slip off, stopping the flow-of water into the engine. Additionally, when flushing an engine using a clamp-on device, pollutants and noise are exhausted directly into the atmosphere through the exhaust ports continuously while the engine is running.
The use of OUR outboard flushing bag submerges the entire lower unit in fresh water. This ensures proper engine back-pressure and that there is little water wasted. The flow of fresh water into the bag can be controlled so as to eliminate excessive water use.
The engine's own water pump is supplying the flow of water through the engine and cooling system. Being fully submerged, it cannot suck air or leave any passage or component unflushed, Water can he pumped from the bag into a sump, sewer, or retained for use again.
The engine's exhaust is totally directed into the bag where oil and fuel residue will adhere to the inside surfaces of the bag. It may then be wiped out and properly disposed of at the completion of the flushing operation.
Flushing devices other than the flushing bag are contributors to noise pollution as well. When normally operating, the exhaust of an outboard motor or sterndrive is submerged. Noise is muffled by the water surrounding the unit. With clamp-on devices, the exhaust is open, unmuffled and loud. But as in actual use, the flushing bag puts the exhaust fully underwater, muffling the sound. The motor is flushed efficiently, cleanly, quietly and with minimum effect on the environment.
Models BB-2, SDB-2 and DPB-3 flushing Bags have “Stability Bases” that allow the bags to stand unaided and hold their shape with or without water in them. This freestanding feature allows more than one motor or stern drive to be flushed without having to empty the bag each time. This is especially useful for repair facilities and owners of boats with twin engines.


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