Outboard Motor Flushing Bags  

  • Flush your outboard engine fast, easy and efficiently with a flushing bag! 

  • You can flush your motor any place you can hang it, or on the boat or on the water.

  • Leave the prop on. 

  • The most efficient way to flush

  • Quiets engine exhaust noise, can't fall off, stores easily, saves water.

  • Provides necessary exhaust backpressure.

  • Stability base (BB2, SDB3 and DPB3) allows those bags to be freestanding, when empty or full. This allows users to flush more than one engine without draining and refilling the bag. Especially useful for repair facilities and owners of boats with twin engines.

  • It cleans up easily, folds flat, and has a lifetime warranty!


For Outboard Motors & Sterndrives

Model SB2

  • For small outboards

  • 2-cycle to 20 Hp, 4-cycle to 16 Hp

  • Run in gear anywhere you can hang
    your motor.

  • Leave the prop on while you flush!

  • Or flush on the boat in the water!

  • Can also be used as a bait tank and an 
    emergency sea-anchor

  • So small it stores in a drawer!

  • Measures 14" W x 22" H

  • 14.5 gallon capacity*

  • Blue 

Model BB2

  • For large outboards

  • 2-cycle to 100 Hp, 4-cycle to 80 Hp

  • Tough and practical freestanding big
       outboard flusher/test tank

  • Free-standing for use on trailered boats

  • Stability base included

  • Quiet-running - just as it is when in the

  • Can't fall off like other flushers

  • Overflow goes under the boat, not on your  feet!

  • 28.5 gallon capacity*

  • Meaures 18" W x 25" H

  • Blue

Model SDB2

  • For all outboard motors and most stern drives.

  • Stability base included

  • 40 gallon capacity*

  • For engines up to 200 hp

  • Measures 28" L x 15" W x 21" H

  • Red

Model DPB-3

  • For largest dual-prop sterndrives 

  • Can also be used as test tanks

  • Stability base included

  • For engines up to 300 hp (without a fin)

  • Measures 32" L x 15" W x 27" H

  • 59 gallon capacity*

  • Red

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* Tank Capacity is maximum volume of bag with no outboard or sterndrive unit in it. Calculate approx. ½ volume when in use. H* = height of bag.  Deduct 4" for water level at overflow grommets. 

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