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  Boat Names About Money  
A Loan Again No Cents
  AFEICA (Another Flipping Experience I Can't Afford) Negative Cash Flow
  B.O.A.T. (bank owns another Tolly) No Tuition
  B.O.A.T. (bring over another thou) Only Money
  Blew Too Much Over budget
  Boatrupt Over Limit
  Brass Ring Overdrawn
  Budget Bender  Paid For
  Chapter 11 Petty Cash
  Cool Change Plastic Money
  Deduction Pocket Change
  Deep In Debt PocketYacht
  Deeper Yet Pretty Penny
  Deferred Maintenance Price of Tides
  Don't Laugh, It's Paid For Profit Margin
  Dough Buoy  Reel Broke
  Empty Pockets Rent Due
  Every Last $ R-Inheritance
  Frequent Flyer Robyn-Me-Blind
  Full Commission Sea of Debt
  Green Slip Seanote
  It's Only Monet Second Mortgage
  Itsworthittoo Spend Fool
  Last Red Cent Spend It
  Liquid Assets Such-A-Deal
  Miss Mymoney Sue
  Money Pit Thank You Paine Webber
  Mutual Fun Time & Money
  My 401-K

Triple Nickel