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  Alaskan Names for Boats
  Some of these names are typical dog names used by Inupiat people of
  the North Slope. Some other names were taken from the Inupiat Dictionary.
  kinguyakkii : 'northern lights' miki:  'little' nanuq : 'polar bear' pakak : 'one
  that gets into everything' qannik  'snowflake' siku  'ice' suka  'fast'
  amaguq  'wolf'
  Central Yup'ik
  Central Yup'ik is the Alaskan language
  spoken by the greatest number of people--about 15,000. The Central
  Yup'ik people live on the western central coast of Alaska around Norton
  Sound and Bristol Bay, and inland some distance along the rivers of the
  arrluk  'killer whale' cikuq  'ice'   taqukaq  'grizzly bear'
    ataneq  'king' mequssuk  'shaggy dog'   tulukaruk  'crow'
    negiliq  'parka ruff' panik  'daughter'   tungulria  'black one' yuralria  'dancing one'
  Ahtna Athabascan
  The Athna live along the Copper River basin in South Central
  Alaska. The words below are taken from the Ahtna Noun Dictionary.
  deniigi  'moose' genen  'shaman'   sesi  'snow' sos  'bear' tikaani  'wolf'
  kaskae  'chief' saghani  'raven'   yakone'  'red aurora'
  Tanaina Athabascan
  The ancestral territory of the Tanaina surrounds Cook Inlet,
  including the present-day location of Anchorage. The words below are taken from the
  Nondalton Tanaina Noun Dictionary.
  chu  'beaver' chulyin  'raven' desna  'boss' nini  'porcupine' shesh  'brown bear'
  hey  'winter' k'eyush  '(bear) cub' shila  'flame' shtiya  'my strength'