The HOPR is a self serve, self cooled, stand-alone, beverage server dispenser.

    • Self-cooled Beverage Dispenser
    • Stand-alone Beverage Server
    • Includes Super Chilling rod
    • Super Chill Rod cools better than ice
    • Spins 360° to reach  everyone at the table
    • Spigot is hands-free
    • Weighted Base with rubber feet
    • 24 inches tall and 8 inches wide
    • Great for boating and entertaining
    • Stackable for easy storage
    • Two sizes: 96 or 64 oz
    • Optional Infusion Rod for adding other ingredients
    • Easily disassembled for cleaning.

    How to use the HOPRTM

    1. Freeze the silver Super Chill Rod for at least 4 hours.
    2. Place the base on the table.
    3. Fill the HOPR with choice beverage.
    4. Using two hands carry the HOPR Funnel to the table and place in the base. (DO NOT carry HOPR from the spigot)
    5. Place lid on and insert Super Chill Rod. If the chill rod is cold enough there should be cracking noises. ( this is normal)
    6. To dispense lean glass into the spigot tap to allow drink to come out.

    Note: Icons printed on the HOPR funnel Indicate the capacity measurements for using the HOPR with or without the Super Chill Rod.

    The HOPR holds up to 96 ounces of your favorite beverage. That is twice the volume of a standard pitcher. The HOPR spins freely to reach everyone at your table and the spigot rotates 360 degrees to provide hands free operation.

    Every HOPR comes with the Super Chill Rod™. The Super Chill Rod cools Better Than Ice™. It will keep your beverage cold to the last drop even if takes hours to get to the bottom. You can refill the HOPR over and over and the Super Chill Rod will keep your beverage cold fill after fill.

    The HOPR has a weighted base with rubber feet to keep it in place on a rocking boat.

    An optional Infusion Rod is made of stainless steel and open on one end so the user can stuff fruits, additional hops or other ingredients in the rod. The bottom of the Infusion Rod has several small holes to let the fruit etc flavors seep into the beverage.  Allows user to be creative with their beverage making.

    MINI HOPR is same as HOPR but holds 64 oz.

                 HOPR Beverage Dispenser

    HOPR  $135
    Mini HOPR  $99
    Infusion Rod  $32
    how to use the HOPR beverage dispenser
    HOPR Beverage dispenser

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