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  Tpak Storage for your T-Top
T-Pak (4-Pak) Blue New T-Pak (6-Pak) Gray Mesh
Offshore Type1 (4-Pak) Black  
The T-Pak is a uniquely designed storage pack that universally mounts to T-Tops. It's the perfect way to clear your front storage compartments and make room for their real use. The T-Pak can mount in the front and/or rear of your T-Top. The pack is designed to fit 4 to 6 life jackets or many other items. There is a heavy-duty front zipper flap that allows you quick access to your life jackets, lines or whatever you decide to store. The Offshore features velcro and a rip-away front flap. For more information, please download our brochure. (23.5 MB)
4-Pak Dimensions 25.5" wide x 20" deep xy 5.5 " high 6-Pak Dimensions 38" wide x 20" deep xy 5.5" high  Offshore Type-1 6-Pak Dimensions 48 wide x 25 deep x 7.5 high Offshore Type-1 4-Pak Dimensions 32" wide x 25" deep x 7.5" high
The hard top accessory comes with 4 eye straps, screws and washers.
Warranty Installation TPak Offshore TPak 4-Pak TPak 6-Pak Hardtop Adapter
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