Sail Cloth Pillows With Compass Rose
They Won't Get Soggy- even when spray comes over the rail!

  • Sailcloth Pillow Cover made from 100% genuine sailcloth
  • Made for the marine environment
  • White with blue trim
  • Embroidered Compass Rose
  • Water resistant
  • Mildew resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Won’t get soggy - even when the spray comes over the rail. 
  • Use the Sailcloth Pillow Cover at home, or the boat or in the cottage to complement your nautical decor
  • Includes pillow insert
  • Two sizes, 21 inches square and 15 inches square. Mix and match.
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Comfy, fashionable and practical - you can have it all!

sail cloth pillows

15 inches square from $22.99
21 inches square from $ 35.99

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sail cloth pillow with compass rose
sail cloth pillows in two sizes

Custom Sail Cloth Pillows

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Sail Cloth Pillows
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