OverBoardPatents Pending
The ideal cutting board for your galley and cockpit.
Prevents spills, leaks and slippage while anchored or underway.
Rubber feet keep board in place even while underway!

In the cockpit

In the galley



No more slipping and no more spills on the galley floor or cockpit. Tray holds liquids from cutting board and rubber feet keep board in place even while underway!

Rubber Feet Keeps cutting board from slipping even when underway!

The OverBoard allows you to cut fish or the messiest meat without the mess and without slipping! The removable cutting board lies above a durable tray that holds a large amount of liquid and is easy to clean. OverBoard is made for no movement on most surfaces. Can be used on any surface without slipping.

Our cutting board solution was designed for galleys of any size! Our patent pending boards lets you slice, prepare and serve foods while catching the juices in our sleek designed tray. Our tray doubles as a serving platter too.

No more Mess or slipping …….Ever!
OverBoard also has color coded boards to reduce cross contamination. 

Sizes, colors and accessories
Small $24.95
Medium $34.95


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