Mooring Bag - MB1
Don’t suffer the damaging effects of growth and electrolysis when you have to leave your motor in the water.
Protect your outboard motor from vegetal and mollusk growth, AND shield it from electolitic corrosion with the MB-1 Mooring Bag.

There are times and places where you just have to leave your outboard motor in the water.
The MB-1 Mooring Bag is a tough Vinyl/Polyester bag encloses the entire lower unit, shielding your motor’s
aluminum, steel and paint from damaging growth and shield it from electrolytic corrosion that can destroy a lower unit in a matter of hours.

  • Encloses the entire lower unit
  • Protect Your Motor Inside & Out!
  • For motors up to 100 H.P.
  • Flush it too!
  • Made in USA

95.95 + $15 shipping
Made in the USA - fully guaranteed



mooring bag
  • Flush bags have new mission - Kill Quagga

    The threat of Quagga Mussels in our lakes and rivers is real, but what many don't realize is that while the mussels proliferate and kill native species and grasses, clog pipelines, and infest water intakes, they are also doing that to the insides of outboard motors.

The mussel will live, grow, and thrive inside lower units and the entire cooling system if left unattended to. This is especially true of engines and drives that are left in the water or not flushed and treated with something to kill the invaders.

The Mooring Bag Model MB-1 protects outboard motors that must be left in the water. The motor is started in the bag, flushed and treated with chemicals to kill and prevent the growth of the Quagga mussels or any other infestation. The engine is run up to operating temperature, treated with chemical, then left to sit in the bag, or tilted up out of the water.

The chemicals used are normally left to dissipate inside the bag and the motor's cooling system so that no pollution is introduced into lake or river waters.

95.95 + $15 shipping
Made in the USA - fully guaranteed


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