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Your AquaTunes kit will include: Waterproof pouch, earplug system & nylon web belt
  1. For best results, use a compact radio/cassette/cd player. Using an overly large unit may cause unnecessary stress and leakage.
  2. Insert earplug jack into radio or cassette.
  3. Insert radio or cassette unit into pouch, jack end first. Jack and cord should be located in extended curve of pouch. NOTE: if radio or cassette unit does not slide in pouch easily, spray inside of pouch with silicone.
  4. Speaker cord must lay flat and run on the outside of the clamp posts.
  5. Tighten knobs on clamp completely.
  6. AIR LEAK TEST: test for air leakage by submerging pouch and squeezing between your hands.
  7. To achieve the best performance using your AQUA TUNES, you will want to be sure the earlplug speakers stay in your ears properly. We offer the following recommendations: When inserting the earplug in your ears, a twisting action will better assure you of proper positioning of the speakers. The exclusive design of the AQUATUNES earplug speaker system eliminates any chance of the earplug going into the ear far enough to cause damage. For swimmers, speaker wires can create drag against the water and may tend to pull the earplug speaker from your ear. If you swim with goggles, loop the speaker wire through the goggle so if you let go of the speaker it will dangle right next to your ear. If you swim with a cap, pull the cap over your ears and earplug speakers. If you prefer to order the headband we sell specifically made for the AquaTunes, click here: Order headbands. Lap swimmers may wear the belt upside down to help reduce drag.
Aqua Tunes pouch and earplugs Click picture for enlargement Order  
Warning: YOU MUST PERFORM THE AIR LEAK TEST BEFORE ENTERING WATER. If leakage is detected, check cord path and re-tighten knobs. If air leaks out, water may leak in. Do not use AQUATUNES until you have successfully performed the air leak test. Saltwater and cholrinated water are highly corrosive. Failure to adequately maintain your Aqua Tunes may significantly shorten its lifespan. Rinse and dry your AQUATUNES after each use.
Warranty Information
Aqua Tunes are manufactured with the highest quality materials and great care is taken in their construction. Aqua Tunes are warrantied against any failure in workmanship and materials for a period of 30 days from date of purchase. AQUATUNES will repair or replacQUA TUNES deemed by our factory specialists to be defective. This warranty is lime (at our discretion) any Aed to the AQUA TUNES only and does not cover any damage sustained by any sound unit. Damages to product resulting from abuse, misuse or misadventure are not covered by this warranty.
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