This Cushioned Boater's Deck Mat is a shock absorber for your whole body!

No more aching feet, legs & back after a day on the water!

  • FOOTCUSH is a shock absorber for your whole body while boating.
  • Doctors recommend that by minimizing this excess impact you can prevent potential pain and injuries.
  • Made of Ensolite closed-cell foam - does not absorb water.
  • Fastens on the deck for no movement while on the water
  • Easy on/off deck snaps and hardware included
  • Color: White
  • Non-slip textured surface
  • Saltwater and UV resistant
  • 1.5 inches Thick
  • Warranty -1 year from date of purchase

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foot cush has snaps to secure to the deck
Can be used with or without snaps

12"  x 24" FOOTCUSHfor any style boat  $ 80
14" x  40" 
FOOTCUSH for Center Console $ 99

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Large FootCush
14" X 40" model
(Most Popular for Center Console Boats)

small Foot Cush
12" X 24" model
Most popular for Cuddy Cabin/Walk-around,
Cruisers and Shallow Flats Boats


FOOTCUSH Comments from:
Doctors - Pro Fishing Guides - Boating Enthusiasts

"WOW, what a difference FOOTCUSH has made. As an avid fisherman and fly casting instructor with a bad back (2 herniated discs) Footcush has made all the difference in the world while running my boat. Now I wish I had one for my entire front casting deck so I could stand on it while fishing."
Thanks for a GREAT Product,
Dr. Scott Swartz
FFF Master Casting Instructor

"Thanks for creating such a useful and effective product. As someone who suffers with lower back problems, your product has helped me tremendously! The difference that it has made is fantastic. It is very comfortable and a pleasure to use. My back thanks you. I recommend the FOOTCUSH!"
J. Russo

"After a long day fishing in the back bays and flats it can be awful hard on your back,legs,ankels,and feet but know that I have a FOOTCUSH it is as different as night and day. On my 23' EXPLORER I have a leaning post and as we do a lot of site fishing here in Florida I am always on my feet. Until you get a FOOTCUSH you will not know what you have been missing out on. For comfort it can be beat and I will never be without one on my boats again
Capt. Jerry Tomas

"After using the FOOTCUSHootcush for some time now, our whole staff of professional guides agree we have a product that works for us all day long. We have tried other types of mats to soften the ride but Footcush by far beats anything we've ever tried in the past. Their product is durable and does what it says it will do. Were glad somebody figured out that most captains don't sit down and made a product that reduces the stress on our lower body. Thanks FOOTCUSH!"
Capt. John Robson - Bay Flats Guide Service
Capt. Chris Martin - Port O'Connor / Seadrift, TX.
Capt. T.J. Christensen -
Capt. Harold Dworaczyk
Capt. Sean McGowen

"After guiding for seventeen years I know a great product when I see one, and in this case feel one. Each and everyday my whole body thanks the FOOTCUSH. Without it fishing would not be nearly as much fun."
Captain Jerry Norris
The Original Sabine Lake Guide Service since 1984

"FOOTCUSH feels great, I felt the difference the first time I used it."
Capt. Jim Leavelle
Tarpon Adventures of Galveston, TX

"I love my FOOTCUSH, I'm surprised someone didn't think of this a long time ago."
T.F. Morgan
Galveston, TX

"FOOTCUSH is a good preventive measure that can help relieve stress and aid in preventing lower back pain."
Dr. Carl D. Vitek, D.C. (Chiropractor)
Katy, TX

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