Boat Names and Boat Gadgets
Read our HOW TOs about boat naming

Boat Names

...and after naming your boat you may want
some of these gadgets for your boat

Portable dog potty

Oil Changer & Bilge Water Extractor

Boater's Deck Mat

aqua tunes
Waterproof Radio &
Earplug System

Sand Spike
The Ultimate
beach anchor

Offboard vermin shield
Keep Rats & Mice
off your boat!

Life Ring Buoy Name
Personalized Life Rings

boat canopy
Portable Bimini

Learn to handle
twin engine boats

Outboard flushing bag
Outboard Flushing Bag &
Bait Tank

safety turtles save lives
Safety Turtle
Overboard Alarm

Lightweight, portable ramp
for docks & pools.
No training required!

Docking made Easy!

dock cart
Folding Dock Cart

Boat Naming How Tos:

How to Design a new Boat Name Choose your colors, size and font and see your name, with measurements and price

How To Remove Your Old Boat Name To remove the existing vinyl name and hailing port without damaging the gel coat you'll need...

How to Install the New Boat Name
First, Use 1-2” strips of masking tape to position lettering in proper position. Measure from the baseline of ...

What are the US Coast Guard Requirements?
Read how US Coast Guard requirements differ for registered boats and documented vessels.

How to Change the Name of Your Boat without bad luck
Many sailors believe that you can incurr bad luck if you change the name of your boat. It can be done, as long as you follow these steps...

How to install Boat Registration Numbers
Every boat needs either registration numbers or documentation numbers and we show you how to change them here


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