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  Air Force One Fastidiots Oceanrunner
  All-Wake Finnegan's Wake  Over the Edge 
  Arriva Four Winds Pocket Rocket
  Bandit  Fraid Knot  Power To Spare 
  Big Dog Gas Hogg Rothe 
  Blue Skies  Goldfire  Ruffian 
  Blue Water  Green Gobbler Steigercraf 
  Boomerang  Guardian Guzzler  Subsistence
  Breaking Waves Heavy Metal Suck My Wake
  Chase Heirless Swan
  Chicksdigit Hot Pursuit Thriller 
  Chris's Craft  Incognito Thunder Wolf
  Cool Runnings Itsworthittoo Thunderbird 
  Crewless  LunaSea  Velocity
  Downeast  Mad Max Warlock
  Egg-Sta-Sea Makin Waves White Knuckle
  Explosion My Viagra Express
  Fah Get A Boat It My Wake  White Shark
  Fast Company Need For Speed  
  Fast Forward  Nitro   
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