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  Chinese Boat Names
AN :  peace
BING QING :  clear as ice
BO :  precious
CHAN JUAN :  the moon; graceful; ladylike
CHANG :  free; uninhibited
CONG :  Unisex name meaning "intelligent; clever"
FANG :  fragrant; sweet smelling
FANG YIN :  fragrant carpet of grass; breath of flowers
FEN :  fragrant; sweet smelling
FENG :  Maple
HUAN YUE :  joyful; happy
HUI YING :  bright; intelligent
JIA LI :  good and beautiful
JIANG LI :  river beautiful
JIAO :  beautiful; handsome; tender; lovely; charming
JIN :  gold
JING :  crystal; sparkling
JUAN :  beautiful; graceful
JUN :  truth
LEE :  Unisex name meaning "plum"
LEI :  flower bud
LI :  Unisex name meaning "strength; beautiful"
LI MING :  beautiful and bright
LI MEI :  beautiful plum blossom
LI NA :  beautiful and graceful
LI QIN :  beautiful stringed musical instrument
LI RONG :  beautiful Lotus
LI WEI :  beautiful rose
LIAN :  "the graceful willow" or "daughter of the sun"
LIEN :  lotus
LIN :  beautiful jade; also a family name
LIN YAO :  beautiful Jade treasure
LING :  tinkling of pieces of jade
MEI :  plum
MING UE :  bright moon
NA :  graceful
PARK :  Unisex name meaning "cypress tree"
PING :  duckweed
QI :  fine jade; outstanding; distinguished
QING YUAN :  clear spring
QIAO :  handsome; pretty
RONG :  Lotus; beautiful; elegant
SHAN :  coral
SHU FANG :  kind; gentle and sweet
SHUANG :  bright; clear; openhearted
TING, TING TING :  slim and graceful
WAN :  gentle; gracious; beautiful; lovely
WEI :  valuable; precious
XIA :  glow of the sunrise or sunset
XIANG :  fragrant
XIA HE :  summer Lotus; pure and elegant
XIAO CHEN :  early morning; dawn
XIAO HONG :  morning rainbow
XIN QIAN :  happy and beautiful
XIU :  elegant; beautiful
XIU JUAN :  elegant; beautiful; graceful
XUE :  snow
XUE FANG :  snow fragrant
YAN YAN :  two swallow birds; elegant
YI JIE :  happy and pure
YI ZE :  happy and shiny like a pearl
YI MIN :  happy and smart
YU JIE :  pure beautiful jade
YUE YING :  happy and smart; kind
YUE YOU :  happy and friendly
YUE YAN :  happy and beautiful
YUE WAN :  happy and gentle
ZHEN :  precious
ZHEN JUAN :  precious and beautiful
ZHI :  Irises; orchids; noble character; true friendship
ZI :  graceful; beautiful
TAO :  peach; symbol of long life
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