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  Boat Names about Animals
  Bad Dog  Guppy Love Sea Cow
  Battered Bull  Harbor Hound  Sea Critter
  Big Dog Hawg wild Sea Devil
  Black dog  Here Fishee...Fishee!  Sea Dragon
  Blue Goose Here Kitty Kitty  Sea Eagle
  Blue Gull  Inseine Crab Sea Otter
  Cat's Meow  Jaws  Sea Snake
  Chicken of the Sea Kitty Crew  Sea Stallion
  Coyote Kritter Sea Tiger
  Crawdaddy Lobsta  Seagull
  Dances with Dolphins Lucky dog Seahorse
  Dancing Bear  Manatee Shark Bait
  Dog House Mermaid Madness Shark Byte
  Dolphin  Minnow Sit 'n Duck
  Dolphin's Wake  Moby Skip Fly
  Dragon Moby Deck Snarly Beaver 
  Duck Sloop  Mockingbird Starfish
  Eagle Monkey Doo Stingray
  Felix Monkey Sea Stray Cat
  Flying Eagle Moon Puppy Swamp Fox
  Flying Goose  Mr. Ed  Talon
  Flying Pig  Mud Hen Thunder Cat
  Fogdog Orca Thunder Katt
  Fortune Cookie Osprey Thunderbird 
  Foxsea  Pelican Varmint
  Foxy Polywog Water Rat
  FreeBird Queen Bee Widgeon
  FreeByrd  Quick Kitty  Wild Orca 
  Fuddle Duck Red Lion  Wren 
  Grey Eagle Sandpiper Zebra