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how to manuever twin screw boats

The Simple Manual for Handling Twin Screw Boats
The Vessel Operators Guide
Captain Charles J. Reichert

A simple & complete system used at the helm or ashore
to understand the actions and results of rudder and throttle manipulation. With this Flashbook method you can learn to control any twin screw vessel.

78 Fully Illustrated Pages

Halibut Fishing Secrets

Halibut Fishing Secrets:

Learn How To Easily Fish For & Catch More California Halibut Than You Ever Dreamed Of In Shallow Water Environments (sheltered Bays, Estuaries, Inland Waterways, Mud Flats, Etc) Up & Down The California Pacific Coast and Into Baja California, Mexico.

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First Mate 101: How To Stop Worrying & Start Boating

First Mate 101:
How To Stop Worrying & Start Boating

Jam Packed With Tons Of Practical Tips:
* Work together with the Captain to dock your boat safely, confidently (and without yelling at each other!)
* Keep ice for 11 days in a cooler.
* Dozens of innovative tips on how to store everything from food, equipment, bedding, furniture to all the other comforts of home that you want to take boating.
* Work the ropes— the anchor, bow line, stern line, spring lines, tow line and even rafting lines (and know what the heck all of those lines are!)



Protect yourself! By decoding the HIN (hull id number) of a boat (something most insiders can't do, by the way) you can make sure you're buying what you think you're buying. As one example of how you'll protect yourself, I'll show you how to make sure you're not buying a boat that's older than you've been told--something I've seen happen many times.

Inspect It Yourself

I can't tell you how many times I've seen experienced boaters miss important (and expensive!) details when checking out a boat. Their experience isn't inspecting boats for a living--mine is. I've created a thorough step-by-step procedure to help you eliminate boats from your short list. One technique I'll show you here has saved people thousands of dollars when it came time to negotiate price.

Salespeople only tell you what's right about a boat. With this special report, you can tell what's wrong with it.

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Take A Demo Like a Pro

Far too many boat buyers don't even take the boat for a test drive before purchasing. The ones that do, don't know the tricks. Doug taps into his decades of doing boat tests for national magazines to teach you how to "Demo It Like A Pro".

This Special Report reveals the secret techniques that salespeople use to make a boat demo the most favorable to them. With this information you can get a revealing test drive of the boat!

PDF Download: $25

Boating Lessons
I Learned About Boating From This...

30 years of Boating Experiences

"Every good instructor knows that experience is a great, though very demanding, teacher. Luckily, with language and printing, we can learn indirectly from the experience of others, and avoid the more dangerous lessons.

Personal encounters with boats and the sea, some dangerous, some just awkward or embarrasing, and some downright amusing. This collection is fun reading, filled with information that can save boats, equipment, time, money even lives. Coming directly from those who were there, it beats the heck our of learning all of these things the hard way!

$12.95 for Hardcopy or Download
Design A Boat Name