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  Outboard Motor & Sterndrive Flushing Bags
Flush your engine  fast, easy and efficiently with a Flushing Bag!  You can flush your motor any place you can hang it, or on the boat or on the water!  It cleans up easily, folds flat, and has a lifetime guaranty!  
Model SB2 For motors up to 18 hp. Run in gear anywhere  you can hang your motor. Leave the prop on! Or flush on the boat in the water! Can also be used as a bait tank and a sea-anchor drogue
Red, White, Blue
Black, Yellow or Orange.
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Model BB1 The tough and practical Freestanding  Big Outboard Flusher/Test Tank! Quiet running - just as it is when in the ocean! For motors up to 115 hp.. Can't fall off like other flushers - Overflow goes under the boat, not on your feet!  
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Model SDB1 A freestanding flusher and test tank for all BIG Stern Drives! Shop tested and approved! Folds and stores out of the way. Perfect for service trucks.  
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NEW Model DPB-1 Accomodates the Largest Dual-Prop Sternidrives
plus $8 shipping
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Every Outboard Motor and Sterndrive Manufacturer   Recommends Fresh Water Flushing After Every Use in Saltwater
The Most Efficient Way To Flush! Quiets Engine Exhaust Noise, Can't Fall Off, Stores Easily,
Saves Water! Runs in gear without fear.
Use as a bait bag!
Thousands in Use!
ALL models have a Lifetime Guarantee!!
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