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  Tpakoff Storage for your T-Top
4 Paks Model # Color Size (wxdxh) Price Order
1891-1 6 Pak Offshore Black 48” wide x 25” Deep x 7.5” High $129 Order
1791-1 4 Pak Offshore Black 32" wide x 25" deep x 7.5" high $109 Order
1792-1 4 Pak Offshore Black Mesh 32" wide x 25" deep x 7.5" high $115 Order
T-Pak Material: Michigan Cloth
Is a versatile nylon fabric with more strength and bulk than #7 Duck at little more than half the weight. Cordura Nylon is a textured nylon for a natural spun-like appearance, with excellent resistance to fading, abrasion, rot, oil and mildews. A light urethane coating on the cloth helps keep the T-Pak dry and gives the extra benefit of wind resistance. The material is quick drying and highly water repellent. This uniquely quiet and durable material is preferred by many law enforcement agencies.
Manufacturers suggested uses: Courier bags, insulated food service carriers, gun cases, stuff bags, camera bags, duffel bags, soft-sided luggage, horse blankets, police / air and sea rescue supply bags, surfboard / ski carrying bags, sporting goods and equipment, etc.
You can see why this would be our choice of material due to it's high quality.
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